Brightside Blinds

There is something in the water

When my wife, Donna, and I first came to St.Augustine on vacation in 2004, we knew this was “the place”.
It wasn’t the “time”, but it was certainly the place we wanted to be. At that time in our lives, we had a thriving blinds, shutters and draperies business in South Florida.
We had a son at the University of Florida and a daughter about to be a senior in high school.
Moving was out of the question. So, we did what any sane, rational, middle aged couple would do.
We bought a lot across the street from the house we were renting, which happened to be accross the street from the Atlantic Ocean.
Low and behold, somehow everything fell into place.
We sold our 25 year old blind, shutter and drapery business and our daughter graduated from high school.
We sold our home in SoFla and changed our address to St. Augustine.
It was 2006, we were new to town, and decided to do the only thing we knew how to do…open a retail showroom to sell (drum roll) blinds, shutters and draperies.
From that fateful first day in business here, we knew something was very different in St. Augustine.
Everyone was really, really nice.
Nobody was ever in a rush, or seemed angry, and everyone always (without exception) had a kind word.
No offense to all of our friends and old customers in south Florida who may be reading this, but you were not that easy to deal with! (I’m being kind, folks.)
Nobody honks the second a light turns green in St. Augustine, and if they do, you just know they must be from somewhere else.
For awhile, we kept saying…”there must be something in the water”.
How could folks be so amicable all the time?
When other newcomers would come into our showroom in St. Augustine Beach, not surprisingly, they would say the same thing about something in the water here!
Wherever they came here from, it just wasn’t as friendly as it is in St. Augustine.
Well, time has passed, and now we finally “get it”.
It’s not that there is something in the water….it IS the water, that is, the miles of dog friendly Atlantic coast, the St. Johns river,(it flows backward) and a clean, beautiful and crystal clear Intracoastal Waterway.
People in St. Augustine come here for all this and more including breathtaking sunrises over the ocean, and on most days, colorfull “blood red” sunsets facing west.
We are only too happy to provide our clientele in St. Augustine with solar shades, blinds, shutters and drapery to help them enjoy the views in both directions!
For us, St. Augustines’ quality of life and a friendly local business climate are hand in glove.
Simply, we love to be in business here because we live here.
Our clientele (and the rest of the local population) are here because they too LOVE to live in St. Augustine.
We, like our new clients and neighbors, chose St. Johns County and its environs for all these reasons.
I did, however, get an oh-so-gentle beep from a car behind me the last time I failed to “go” at a green light on my way home from work today.