Brightside Blinds

How I wound up in the Blind Biz

33 years ago today my life changed.

My father, Marty, or Sonny, as his huge extended family lovingly referred to him, died suddenly at the age of 62 from a massive heart attack.

Aside from having to cancel the wedding I had planned for over a year, and the heartache of losing the father I adored, I also had to change careers.

My Mom and Dad started what was to become a very successful blind business in 1974. They were in their 8th year when my father passed. My mom was the inteior designer, and in store sales, and my dad handled everything else. I had my accounting degree from the University of Florida, and a promising career ahead of me. When my mom asked me to put that on hold….just for” a few months” to help her run the blind business, Of course I did.

Well, as you guessed, a few months turned into a couple of years. When my mom decided to sell her company in 1984…..I decided that with my business background…and my love of design….and a newborn son…….I would start my own blind company. Stuart kept his job as District Sales Manager for Pepperidge Farm for the first couple of years (so we could pay the bills!), but spent all of his free time helping me start our company. We struggled for awhile….but our hard work and dedication to our family and our business paid off.

I don’t think any child when asked what they want to be when they grow up says that they dream of selling blinds and shutters. I know I certainly did not. I did however, always envision myself owning my own company and helping people. I’ve learned that it makes no difference what product you are selling….you are always selling yourself.

So, here we are…living in the beautiful seaside town of St. Augustine….33 years later….still in the Blind and Shutter business…living the American Dream… father’s legacy to me.