Brightside Blinds

Heart of Glass

I like to take a few minutes now and then
to image what the window treatment experience perspective is like from a
Windows’ point of view.
Let me explain.
If a window could speak it could tell
you what it needs, and what it wants.
Daydreaming one day last week, I imagined
I was that window and my name was Sonny.
“I feel so naked,” said Sonny, the
talking window.
“It’s at least 15 degrees hotter here than on the other side of
the room,” I mused.
“If I only had shutters from Brightside Blinds this due
east oceanfront, St. Augustine, Florida exposure wouldn’t be making me so
Sonny continued, “if I could drive, I would go to the
Brightside Blinds and Shutters showroom in St. Augustine.”
“I heard from a
neighbor, (actually a major pane) that Brightside treats its Windows with
respect, dignity and if there’s ever a problem, they follow through with service
after the sale,” Sonny said.
“Sure, I’m a window, like any other with or
without tempered glass, but without Brightside having my back (and front) I’m
just another 140 mph impact piece of see-through, clear surface.”
continued, ” I want solar shades, faux wood blinds, verticals and shutters.”
need to be measured properly and fit with the appropriate covering based on
Brightsides’ reputation for fair prices, quality products and fast
“The problem is, I heat up and can’t cool down,” Sonny says. “If I
had a computer, I would Google the Brightside Blinds website.
“If I could use a phone, I’d schedule a free, in home estimate/
Alas, my window role-play daydream ended abruptly when my cell
phone rang.
It’s a new home owner with a naked, talking window in St.
He or she probably needs window treatments.

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