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Monthly Archive: October 2015

Brick & Mortar

Compared to alot of places, St. Augustine can certainly be considered a challenging place to shop. I buy lots of things on the internet. Mostly sundries and such that I would have bought in a drugstore back in the day. Sometimes I “need” something specific like a teal mid century modern chair. After searching all of our local shops unsuccessfully, I will sometimes turn to internet shopping.There is nothing, and I mean nothing you cannot buy on the internet. (I found that chair on Amazon, and it is gorgeous!)

That being said….there are some things that should never…ever be purchased on the internet. I heard a commercial on the radio yesterday for a Blind company that made it sound so easy to measure your own windows, choose the right treatments, and then install your own blinds. “All you need is a cordless screw gun”. That may be fine for some people…people who have a background in interior design, can measure to the 16th of an inch, have broad knowledge of UV factors and insulation, and yes….own a cordless screw gun. Is that you?

Well, if it isn’t you are in luck. Brightside Blinds & Shutters has an actual showroom in St. Augustine. Here, you can look, feel, and touch the myriad of horizontal blinds, plantation shutters, solar roller shades,vertical blinds, draperies, and cornices on display. There are actual human beings at our shop, who will take the time to educate you, and help you choose the right window coverings for you own unique home.

Our services include “shop at home” and free estimates…but the fact that we have an actual location….”Brick and Mortar”, as they say speaks volumes about us. It shows that we have a commitment to this community. That we are here to stay. That you know where to find us. We were at our first location selling window coverings for nearly 25 years, and our current location in St. Augustine Beach, going on 10 years. That shows commitment. That shows that this is what we do. With us, you get it all. Fair prices, Best products, and by far the most superior service of anyone here in the oldest city. Sure, you could try and do it yourself, but with us just around the corner on Anastasia Island…why in the world would you?


Way back in 1984 when we began our company, we did not have a fax machine, let alone a cell phone. Our technology included a landline phone, an answering machine, and a beeper. We actually had to go to the bank to make deposits, and credit cards were copied on a manual little machine, and then mailed. Quick Books didn’t exist, and neither did online banking. In fact, the word “online” didn’t exist to my knowledge.Our books were kept in manual ledger pads, and I admit I really do miss the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil!

Our product line then consisted of Vertical Blinds, Aluminum Horizontal Blinds, Wood blinds, Roman Shades and Window Shades . So many fabulous window treatments were yet to be invented. “Faux” Wood Blinds and Shutters, Solar Shades, Shadings, Sliding Shutter Panels, and even Honeycomb Shades were all still on the horizon. Vertical Blind slats were mostly made of fabric, ( which didn’t do a whole lot of shading!). PVC was not yet extruded in the beautiful fabric-like finishes available in today’s market. Motorized Window treatments may have existed, but only for the rich and famous folks in Beverly Hills (not for us everyday folks here in St. Augustine! )Today motorization is  readily available on almost all window treatments. Some even use Solar Power for charging! We certainly have no shortage of sunshine here in St. Johns County:-)

We have always prided ourselves on staying abreast of all of the latest trends and innovations, both in our field and in modernizing our business in general. We attend trade shows every year, and attend seminars both in person and online. We even do a “go to meeting” now and again. We are one of very few business’ in the local market that has been around long enough to consider ourselves industry experts

Sometimes, we do miss the old days when we had to phone in orders to our suppliers, and invoices were actually mailed to us via snail mail. On the Bright Side though… the time we used to spend standing in line at the bank, can now be used to face time with our grandson  while working out on the Elliptical machine at the gym.